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Finding The Sensomat For You

Finding The Sensomat For You

When it comes to caring for individuals with dementia, ensuring their safety and well-being is of utmost importance. Sensor mats provide a reliable solution to monitor movement and alert caregivers when someone steps on or off the mat. Sensomat offers three variations of sensor mats: Standard, Ultra, and Super. In this article, we will explore the similarities and differences among these mats to help you make an informed decision and choose the best floor mat for your needs.

Sensomat Standard

The Sensomat Standard is a lightweight PVC sensor mat that measures 720 x 560mm. This mat is designed for low traffic environments and has a low profile, making it suitable for situations where a rug or carpet is used over the mat. The Standard mat provides a basic level of monitoring and is an economical choice for those with less demanding requirements.

Sensomat Ultra

The Sensomat Ultra is our most popular floor mat and offers several key advantages over the Standard mat. It is available in either a beige or black colour and measures 910 x 610mm. Made of heavy-duty vinyl, the Ultra mat is recommended for high traffic areas. Its durable material ensures longevity even in demanding environments. Moreover, the Ultra mat is slip-resistant, enhancing safety for both individuals with dementia and caregivers. This mat strikes a balance between affordability and superior performance, making it an excellent choice for most users.

Sensomat Super

For those looking to cover a larger surface area and maximise sensor coverage, the Sensomat Super is the ideal option. Similar to the Ultra mat, the Super mat is made of heavy-duty vinyl for durability and measures 1200 x 610mm. By providing an extended area of coverage, the Super mat ensures that the pressure pad is activated when the individual steps onto it, providing reliable monitoring. This mat is particularly beneficial for larger rooms or spaces where individuals may move around more extensively.

When selecting a sensor mat from Sensomat, it is crucial to consider your specific requirements and the environment in which it will be used. While all three mats serve the purpose of monitoring movement and promoting safety, the Sensomat Ultra and Super mats offer superior features and benefits. The Ultra mat's heavy-duty vinyl construction, slip-resistance, and availability in multiple colours make it the go-to choice for most users. If you require coverage over a larger area, the Super mat provides extended surface coverage while maintaining the same excellent features as the Ultra mat.

By investing in a reliable and high-quality sensor mat, you can enhance the safety and well-being of individuals with dementia, while also providing peace of mind for caregivers. Choose Sensomat's Ultra or Super mat to experience the best in sensor mat technology and ensure a safer environment for your loved ones.

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