Sensotrol Air Switch Wireless Kit

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This kit includes the Sensotrol Air Switch and Sensotrol Wireless (transmitter and receiver). It is designed for home care use when caring for those with limited dexterity or mobility. The Air Switch is an ultra-sensitive pendant that is activated by compressing the pad which requires very little pressure, so can be activated with the hand, arm or chin.

The Air Switch has a 3 meter lead and 6.35mm plug which connects to the socket on the Sensotrol Transmitter. When the Air Switch is activated, the transmitter signals the receiver, and the receiver sounds an audible chime. The receiver can also display an LED light which is useful if the carer is hearing impaired. As the receiver unit is small and portable it may be taken elsewhere in the home to wherever the caregiver is located. This kit is entirely battery operated so the set up is very simple.

  • Typical transmission range is approximately 70 meters.
  • The call bell sound can be adjusted to 30 tune options.