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Sensomat Mattress Kit - for rest home or hospital use - code: 70138

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The sensor pad is installed in the bed, under the mattress but on top of the base.
Typically the mat is placed under the weight of the individual's buttocks. A change in pressure is identified as the individual moves from their bed in any direction. This information is detected by the control unit which gives an audible and visible alarm. The controller also provides an output to connect into an existing emergency or nurse call system.
NOTE: Not recommended for beds with a wire base mattress as the internal wiring of the pressure mat may be damaged. For this type of bed use our Sensomat Bed pad which is placed on top of the mattress.

If the Sensomat Mattress is to be used in a domestic situation, or where there is no existing nurse call system already installed, the control unit does have a localised alarm that will sound in the individuals bedroom. Alternatively you can order the Sensotrol Wireless Kit to accompany it, which will provide an alarm outside of the individuals bedroom with a range of approximately 30m. 

Do not immerse the Sensomat Mattress in water, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Not suitable for use with incontinent patients.
The Sensomat Mattress should always be stored flat and never folded or rolled.

Kit Contains Sensomat Mattress (770mm x 100mm) Sensomat Controller Unit Sensomat Lead Sensomat Power Pack

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