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Sensotrol Wireless Pendant Alert Module (WPI) Kit - for home use - code: 70671

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The Sensotrol Wireless Pendant Alert Module Kit is designed for use when caring for a loved one in your own home.
Your family member has the option of wearing either the wrist button or the neck pendant about the home or even when showering or bathing. Both are water resistant. The alert module can be plugged into a standard power socket near the caregiver. If your family member needs to summon your help or assistance, they simply push the button on the transmitter they are wearing. A signal will be sent to the alert module, sounding a beeper noise to get your attention. Once the bell has been activated you can cancel the call by pushing the blue button on the module for 3 seconds.

Typical transmission range is approximately 30 metres.
Ideal for a more mobile person who may just need the added option of summoning a caregiver or family member for assistance on occasion.

Kit includes: a water-resistant necklace transmitter, a wrist pendant transmitter, and the wireless pendant alert module with standard electrical plug.