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Wireless Kits

Our wireless kits contain either a Sensotrol Wireless 3000 (SW3) controller or a Sensotrol WPI. In simple terms, the Sensotrol Wireless 3000 kits are used more when caring for those with dementia or who are incapable of summoning help themselves whereas the WPI kits are for situations where the person you are caring for is still capable & willing to summon help.

The Sensotrol Wireless 3000 does away with the need for a nurse call system. It means that our products can be used in domestic caring situations & amp; in aged care facilities that may not have an existing nurse call system or are unable to use it in a particular situation. Eg. Using a chair pad kit in a communal lounge area where a nurse call point is not conveniently located.

Our mats, pads and sensors can be plugged into the sensotrol wireless transmitter. When the sensor products are activated by pressure (or movement in the case of the PIR's) a signal will be sent to the caregiver's receiver unit. This will sound a chime and notify the caregiver that their family member or patient needs attention.

Alternatively our new Sensotrol WPI kits (wireless pendant interface) contain pushbutton necklace or wrist transmitters and a controller unit for the caregiver so the person you are caring for can summon your help. The WPI's come in different versions for domestic caring or rest home & hospital use. And also several aged care versions ie. if a battery back up is required in case of power failure or if a different plug type is required for your system.

Don't forget we have several adaptor leads available to suit many different nurse call system types.