Sensotrol Wireless 3000

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The Sensotrol Wireless has two parts: the transmitter and the receiver.

The transmitter is designed to interface with many of our sensor products including the Sensomat range of pads and mats, as well as patient call devices such as air pendants, large switches or standard pendants.

When activated, the transmitter signals the receiver, and the receiver sounds an audible alarm/chime. The receiver also displays a small LED light which is useful if a carer is hearing impaired. As the receiver unit is small and portable it may be taken elsewhere in the home to wherever the caregiver is located. 

Typical transmission range is approximately 70 metres.
The call bell sound can be adjusted to 30 tune options. 

    • Open Field Transmission Range: 200m
    • Recommended Operating Range: 70m
    • Receiver Sound Level: 80dB @ 1m
    • Frequency Band: 433.05 - 434.79 MHz

    What's included?

    Sensotrol Transmitter

    Sensotrol Receiver

    USB to USB-C Cable

    3x AA Batteries

    1x CR2032 Battery

    Wall Mount with Screws

    Simplistic, easy to set up, and highly customisable.

    USB Port

    Download your own personalised melody.

    Melody Selection

    Choose from a selection of 30 chimes.

    Volume Control

    Select your desired volume with 3 volume options.

    Transmitter Pairing

    Pair up to 5 additional transmitters to the receiver, allowing you connect various sensor mats simultaneously.

    Light & Volume Indicator

    3 sound and light options.
    1) Only displays the light upon activation
    2) Only volume sounds upon activation
    3) Displays both light & volume on activation